Training Classes

Check the Calendar page for available dates and classes!

Beginner’s Handgun Class

-3 hour course, including Classroom Instruction, and Live Firing in our indoor shooting range

-Firearm safety and proper firearm handling

-Different types of firearms, and operation

-Stance, grip, and shooting methods

-If you already own a handgun, bring it to master your own firearm.  If you don’t yet own a handgun, one will be provided for you.

-If you bring your own handgun, you may bring your own ammunition, or purchase ammunition at our counter.  If you are shooting a Red Dot handgun, you must purchase your ammunition from our counter.

-This class is designed as an introduction to the fundamentals of safe handgun ownership and utilization, and focused on beginners and first time handgun owners.

-Beginner’s Class is $99 per person, for the 3 hour class


Intermediate Handgun Class

-Stance, grip, & breathing methods

-Optics options, uses, adjustments

-This class is designed to start the process of quality marksmanship, and continue improving your accuracy and timing.  To enroll in this class, you should have completed our Basic Handgun Course, or have equivalent experience.


Private Training – Personalized 1 on 1 Instruction

-Individualized training based on your unique needs and learning style

-Perfecting skills, correcting problems, and introduction of advanced techniques

-For shooters of any skill level, based on your current skill level

-Ammunition is not included with this instruction.  You may bring your own ammunition or purchase it at our counter.

-By appointment only.  $75 per hour for one person, or $120 per hour for two people.


Private Groups

-Beginner’s Classes available for your private group

-This is the same class as the Beginner’s Class, but for your own private group of people

-Minimum 6 people, maximum 8 people

-Other private group sessions may be arranged, call us with your needs!