Red Dot Pistol 2

Coming late April/Early May 2024!

Red Dot Pistol Level 2

This class is designed to enhance your proficiency in presentation and red dot pistol shooting under a time constraint.

Cost: $99 per person
Length: 1.5/2 hours
Prerequisites: Red Dot Pistol 1


Required Equipment:

  • A reliable, modern pistol equipped with a reliable red dot sight (Holosun, Aimpoint, Steiner, Trijicon)
  • A proper kydex holster. If using IWB/AIWB holsters must have an appropriate ride height allowing for a full firing grip while the gun is still holstered. No Serpa or leather holsters.
  • Minimum of one belt mounted spare magazine pouch and a total of three magazines
  • 250 rounds of reliable, brass cased ammunition.


This class will cover:

  • Optimal draw and presentation techniques
  • Target transitions
  • Distance shooting
  • Red dot failure shooting techniques
  • Time constrained shooting