Firearm Transfers

We are happy to broker your online firearm purchase. Our fee is $30.00 per firearm and there are no hidden fees. Title II (silencer, machinegun, SBR, SBS, AOW, DD) transfers are $100.00 each. 

Simply order your item from your source/seller as you would any online purchase. The seller will need a copy of our FFL (Federal Firearms License) before he can ship. We have provided a copy of our FFL below, for you to give to the seller, or direct the seller to this page so he can download it himself. Your seller will then ship your item to our shop.
You do not have to call us to notify us of a shipment.You may hang on to the copy of our FFL for future Internet transfers for as long as the license remains valid. When it expires, visit this page again for an updated copy. 

Request a tracking number from your seller and watch it. When you get a delivery confirmation, please give us a few hours to get the gun entered into our system, before coming in to pick your gun up. We will not contact you when your item arrives. There is no need to rush when your item arrives as we do not assess any storage fees. Please pick your firearm up within one year of its arrival. After one year has elapsed, the firearm will be forfeited to the shop. This period is three years for Title II items. 

You must know the type of gun and the sender’s information to pick up your gun. Many shippers fail to include the purchaser’s information and we may not have your name attached to the item. 

If for any reason you decide not to complete the transfer through us and instead have the firearm(s) sent back to the sender or to another FFL, you will be assessed the $30.00 for the transfer in and an additional $30.00 for the transfer out, plus applicable shipping fees. The price is $100 each way for Title II items. 

If you are denied for any reason you will be assessed a $200 denial fee. The firearm(s) in our possession can, at our option, be purchased from you at our determined price (minus the denial fee). The firearm can also be returned to the original seller if it came from an FFL. Fees of $30.00 per gun, plus shipping costs and denial fee will be assessed. These are the only options for denials, no exceptions. It is your responsibility to know if you are eligible for purchase, not ours. The PICS system will occasionally issue an “undetermined” response, which will count as a denial for the purposes of this policy. 

By downloading, using, transmitting, or otherwise conveying or possessing Red Dot Training Range’s FFL, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions listed above, all other store policies listed here or displayed physically in the shop, and any and all changes that may be made in the future. These terms are subject to change without notice.